Forty Years a Country Preacher

We are proud, pleased and excited to let everyone know that

Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Killingworth, Ct

has re-issued George B. Gilbert’s Biography

¬†“Forty Years A Country Preacher”

Forty Years A Country Preacher is a timely re-publication of a New York Times Best Seller of the 1930s. In today’s climate of turmoil, low morals, and uncertainty, Pastor Gilbert’s life provides a clear guide on how to live a life worth living. He is not so much a clergyman but a true shepherd of his flock. His story, with a great helping of humor, tells not of sermons and liturgies but of a life dedicated to lend a helping hand to hundreds of individuals and families, many of them immigrants¬† and families entrenched in poverty. He takes on politicians, lawmakers, utility companies, and money lenders, and warns of the danger of installment purchases. A quote from the book, talking about Jesus, is a reminder to all of us, “His (Jesus) power lay in what He was (not His words) and that is the greatest power for good that anyone can have.” Pastor Gilbert was a “doer” not a “talker.” A must-read to regain a compass to navigate today’s complex and confusing world.

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