Our Church

Welcome to Emmanuel Church! We welcome All to worship God in our humble house in the Wilderness. Please join us every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Wherever you are from…whatever your education, job status, age, martial status, physical challenge, politics, race, gender…,wherever you are on your spiritual path, You are are welcome to join as we journey together!
We are a place to gather with friends.

We range in age from 1 to 96. We’re married, single, widowed, firemen, communicators, bus drivers, judges, lawyers, grandparents, teenagers, teachers, engineers, students, wallpaper hangers, retirees, homemakers, paralegals…you get the idea. We’re a diverse group who has one thing in common…we all have chosen Emmanuel Church as the place to express our faith, get some spiritual nourishment and, of course, to spend time together in fellowship.


We are a group of individuals who come together for the common good…to do the work of Christ.

We believe that the church serves an important role in supporting the community.   Emmanuel tries to support our local communities as well as a few special causes that we hold dear in our hearts.  Please see our Outreach page to get an idea of how we support our community.


We are a congregation blessed with a variety of pastors.

A part-time missioner oversees all three parishes. He and two other priests take turns presiding at our services for a month or two at a time. Since we’re a small congregation, we share resources with churches in Northford (St. Andrew’s) and Higganum (St. James’). Together, we are known as the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry Network and provide outreach and services doing God’s work locally, nationally and globally.


We have a rich history…

Emmanuel Church is listed on the Federal Register of Historic Places and is one of Connecticut’s oldest houses of worship. In 1800, a group of poor farmers spent 15 years raising the austere building and called it Union Church. The pure white exterior is without embellishment and the only ornamentation in its 100-seat interior is a single stained-glass window and brass chandelier. When times were tough, there was thought to selling the building. But the church was revitalized in the early 1900s by the Rev. George Gilbert whose ministry was chronicled in his best selling book, Forty Years a Country Preacher. There was no electricity in the church until 1970 and the congregation–and visiting bishops–used an outhouse until 1987 when a parish hall, kitchen and indoor bathroom were added.


We have a great organ…

For such a small country church to have this fine instrument is a delight. The organ, opus 154, was designed and built by the firm Karl Wilhelm Inc. of Mont-St. Hilaire, Quebec. In its design and construction, the organ is true to historic principles, dating back to the 17th Century. The free-standing self-contained case is made of white oak with hand-carved butternut pipe shades, which are gilded with 22 karat gold leaf. The natural keys are covered with ebony and the sharps are rosewood and plated with cow bone. There are 8 stops of metal pipes which are of tin-lead alloy, that provide an amazing versatility of sounds, from soft to bright and full. The Bourdon 16’ and 18’, played with the feet on the pedal board, are made of wood and are used to play the bass notes. There is a total of 636 pipes.


Our Memorial Garden

The memorial garden of Emmanuel Church has been created for the scattering of ashes and will be a place foe rest, meditation and prayer. This garden has been created for a dignified, natural memorial for loved ones to rest in.

The administration of the garden and the book is the responsibility of the Emmanuel Church Mission Council and the persons chosen by this council

Give rest, 0 Christ, to your servants with your saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School class begins at 10 AM on Sunday morning.  Class takes place in the Parish Hall during the Sunday Service.   After the exchange of Peace, the children join their families in the church to participate in the remainder of the service.

During the recessional, the children enjoy making their way outside to ring the bell to signal the end of the service.




Our Clergy


Emmanuel Church welcomes The Rev. Martha Rogers   As of February 1, 2021 serving is now in the role of               Priest in Charge for Emmanuel Church, Killingworth-Learn more about Martha

Serving for 22 years with the MACM Network is The Rev. Dr. Bryan Spinks  as of January 1, 2021 is now in the role of Priest in Charge for St. Andrews, Northford-Learn more about Bryan

 St. James, Higganum is in search of new Priest in Charge, soon to be announced.

Farewell, Au revoir, Adieu
After serving our Cluster Ministry Network for 7 years, The Rev. James Bradley has moved on to a new God journey.  We wish him well, to be safe and thank him for his years of dedication and love to Emmanuel and our Cluster Network.                                                                     Shalom.

 Darcey Beausoleil, Senior Warden
 Karen Alderman, Deputy Warden
 Kristen Van Alstine, Clerk
 Ted Dinsmore, Treasurer
 Debranne Myers, Asst. Treasurer 
 Wally Jones-Finance Chair
 Catherine Burdge
 Robin Freeman
 Middlesex Cluster Area Ministry Network
 Garnett Myers-Cluster Network Chair
 Kristen Van Alstine