Rotation Schedule


February 2020

Sunday February 2, 2020          HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll        *The Rev. Bryan Spinks    10:00 am

St. Vincent DePaul’s Feeding 4:30 pm -Vegetable Mashed Potatoes 

         Sunday February 9, 2020         MORNING PRAYER SERVICE       Led by Ray Szumilas    10:00 am

    Sunday February 16, 2020        HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll        The Rev. Ellen Kennedy   10:00 am

Vestry Meeting following the service     

Sunday February 23, 2020     HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll         The Rev. Bryan Spinks    10:00 am

        Wednesday February 26, 2020    Ash Wednesday Service            The Rev. Bryan Spinks   TBD

Imposition of Ashes       

March 2020

Sunday March 1, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  (Lent 1)    The Rev. Bryan Spinks    10:00 am

Sunday March 8, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  (Lent 2)    The Rev. Bryan Spinks    10:00 am

Sunday March 15, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  (Lent 3)    The Rev. James Bradley    10:00 am

Sunday March 22, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  (Lent 4)    The Rev. James Bradley    10:00 am

Sunday March 29, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  (Lent 5)    The Rev. James Bradley    10:00 am

April 2020

Sunday April 5, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  Palm Sunday    The Rev. Ellen Kennedy    10:00 am

Service begins in Parish Hall and processes to Church-Passion read in parts by congregation

Thursday April 9, 2020    MAUNDAY THURSDAY SERVICE  Agape Meal  The Rev. Ellen Kennedy   6:30 pm

Friday April 10, 2020         GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE (Tenebrae)        The Rev. Ellen Kennedy   7:00 pm

Sunday April 12, 2020      HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll  Easter Day    The Rev. Ellen Kennedy    10:00 am

Flowering of the Cross at the beginning of the service

Sunday April 19, 2020         MORNING PRAYER SERVICE        Led by TBD      10:00 am

Sunday April 26, 2020          HOLY EUCHARIST  RITE ll        The Rev. Bryan Spinks    10:00 am

Prayer Shawl gathering 1st Sunday of every month

Peanut Butter Sunday Collection for Amazing Grace Food Pantry 1st & 2nd Sundays of each month

*asterisks denote that Priest will be doing “the shuffle” between St.  James Church and Emmanuel Church